Soaring Model Society of Western Australia

Club day is Saturday. We aim to start at 9 am in summer but later in winter (10 am). Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please always check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 12.1.19. One for the album.
  • 15.1.19. Training in progress.
  • 26.3.19. Now that's a proper hit.
  • 2.5.19. It was the plane's fault!
  • 7.5.19. Yes, Jim's Radian got the flutter, again.
  • 9.5.19. Now that's a pilot!
  • Club Day 11.5.19. The end of Tony's Hyperbipe? No, it's ready to go again.
  • Club Day 18.5.19, Election day. Rodd's beautiful Orion.
  • 21.5.19. Mid-air survivor, Jerry 2.
  • 21.5.19. Mid-air victim, Graham.
  • 23.5.19. Big and small, we have it all.
  • Graham W captured the moment.
  • 30.5.19. Behold the windsock angle.
  • 30.5.19. Jerry BendDaWing.
  • Club Day 1.6.19. Rodd, coming straight from night shift.
  • Club Day 1.6.19. The two Jerries.
  • Club Day 15.6.19. Jerry's invisible sling.
  • Club Day 15.6.19. If you fly a lot you need many batteries!
  • Club Day 15.6.19. May the rain come!
  • 18.6.19. RC set-up consultant John W.
  • 20.6.19. John T. dropped in.
  • 20.6.19. Behold the damage to fuselage and battery.
  • Club Day 22.6.19. Notice the shadow of the pine tree. Midwinter! OK, John's shirt is nice too.
  • Club Day 29.6.19. Brent paid us a visit. Good luck, Brent, with your surgery.
  • Club Day 29.6.19. Willy wants to fly high.
  • Club Day 29.6.19. Behold the hat.
  • Club Day 29.6.19. One day we will do the job electric. Work in progress.
  • 2.7.19. There is Willy.
  • 3.7.19. We have to watch our step. Willy gets cosier every day.
  • 3.7.19. Helen and the Olive jacket.
  • Club Day 6.7.19. Sorting out club issues.
  • 11.7.19. Has Jerry broken the crash record?
  • 11.7.19. Jim got the classic Thunder Tiger Soaring Star maidened.
  • 11.7.19. John W's new E-FLite P51
  • Club Day 13.7.19. Nobody can tell whether I can't read or don't care.
  • Club Day 13.7.19. That's the latest in dog fashion.
  • Club Day 13.7.19. I like wearing tight pants; my dog wears the skirt now.
  • Club Day 13.7.19. David visiting.
  • 16.7.19. Graham's new Laser Z60
  • 16.7.19. Clive?
  • 16.7.19. Scott's RES is impressive.
  • 16.7.19. Bob's lawn dart.
  • 18.7.19. Tai Chi is what we could do before we take off.
  • 18.7.19. Dark clouds around but no rain.
  • 18.7.19. Just a few members and calm conditions.
  • Club Day 20.7.19. Ready to go at 10 am. Weather not bad at all.
  • Club Day 20.7.19. All members present today in one picture.

Latest Message: 1 day, 12 hours ago
  • Jerry 2 : I was just thinking Tony, if I really got paid for crashing I would be a rich man. Ha Ha
  • Jerry 2 : Crash for Cash. Thanks a lot.
  • Dave : Rain and wind aplenty
  • Tony Thu 20:20 : Jerry, have a look at this:\
  • Jerry 2 : Hi Tony I saw the the Tai Chi Photo. I thought I may take a crash course. Not really.
  • Jerry 2 : I am sure everybody wants to know. Today I had 8 flights and no crashes. Unbelievable I know.
  • John M. Wed 13;00 : A message for you Bob, my 4yr old Phoenix 1600 with 4 bad crashes weights in at 1060 grams dry, so if your Phoenix is any more than 1100 grams its just too heavy and will be difficult to fly, will easily get out of control.
  • Andrew : Ian: Launch technology for Deep Erple. I don't see any problems for this at Yokine . . .\
  • Bryan : We are out driving the country roads in the truck for a week so will catch you when back. Happy flying, I have 3 planes on board.
  • John M. Thur 21;00 : Missing the flying so watching so some fishing & flying utube.\
  • Tony Thu 20:00 : Light winds, a bit of sun, a few maidens - was a great day today. + Jerry and Graham supplied muffins and Bryan cooked us sausages. Cheers guys!
  • Jerry 2 : Go the Blues. What a game.
  • Dave : Broadcast variable to 10
  • Bryan : The weather might not be the greatest but I’ll bring the bar- b to help keep us warm!
  • Dave : Hi guys will be there tomorrow will bring the commander
  • Bryan : Great news on Brent’s recovery. He is doing well and is now in Ward 4c room 453, visiting hours are 8am to 8pm for those interested at Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Andrew : Goalz:\
  • Dave : Lex I will be passing through on Tuesday to pay fees will call into yokine about 11/1130 on way to my mums
  • Lex Fri 12.00 : Membership badges will be available on Sat for all those that have renewed. Hope the weather is better then 🙂
  • Dave : Fred insurance has been paid
  • Bryan : Ill let you know when he can have visitors for those who may like to pop in and say Hi!
  • Bryan : Great news all, Brent had his op yesterday, quadruple bypass and he’s doing well. Apparently cracking bad jokes with the nurses. He is at Fiona Stanley Hospital ICU at the moment.
  • John M. Thur 10;15 : Good thing we flew yesterday! Graham the shaft size to fit the Phoenix folding prop set up is 3.175mm so this is the criteria for selecting another motor, unless you change the existing prop as well.
  • Graham Wed 9000 : Are we on for this morning?
  • Bryan : See you there, I’ll bring the bar-b again so you don’t. Get too hungry.
  • John M. Tues 20;30 : OK lets stick with the schedule and set up the west side.
  • Tony Tue 19:30 : Sorry. We only have permission Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • john m. Tues 18;00 : Can I suggest we set up on Yokine east as Im sure WARS dont use their Wed time slot?
  • Tony Tue 15:00 : We had a great day today with lots of sun and even lift (and BBQ, thanks, Bryan!). We will give it another go tomorrow, Wednesday (Yokine West) as Thursday has lousy forecast.
  • Bryan : Hoping for a nice flying day tomorrow so see you there, I’ll bring the bar-b.
  • john m. Mon 6;10 : Well they both get towed up for the flight because nobody wants to play around with those deadly rocket engines any more.
  • Tony Mon 11:10 : Better? This is a glider video! 😀
  • john m. Mon 8;45 : This\ is a better video
  • john m. Mon 8;45 :\
  • john m. Mon 8;45 : Here's a full size replica ME 163 being put through its paces, these Germans love their gliding.
  • Jerry 2 : Hi John m. Thanks will be there on Tue.
  • Tony Sat 17:10 : Interesting read about the 737 MAX problem:\
  • Graham Sat.0915 : I'll be there.
  • Jerry : Thanks John see you there..
  • john m. Sat 8;30 : OK see you there
  • Tony Sat 8:15 : I'll be there.
  • john m. Sat 7;00 : What about this morning? Gerry 1&2 I have your batteries.
  • john m. Friday 9.20 : Good decision not to fly Thursday Tony!
  • Graham : I think I will have a building day today.. See you all Sat.
  • john m. Thur 9.20 : That suits me, lots of maintenance to do
  • Tony Thu 9:10 : The radar shows lots of showers. I'll give it a miss today.
  • john m. Thur 8.50 : Wow, stormy now 5 min later, any starters?
  • john m. Thur 8.45 : Weather doesn't look too bad, see you at Yokine.
  • Bryan : We have more work going on at home with tradies so I’ll be here again.
  • Tony Wed 14:00 : Looks like tomorrow will be a day to stay indoors.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it Tuesday. plumbers are in tomorrow. They should have completed this job last a Friday! Happy flying to all
  • john m. Sat 9;00 : OK lets give it a crack.
  • Tony Sat 8:15 : I am looking out the window and things don't look too bad. I'll have a go if you have.
  • john m. Sat 8.15 : Jerry make sure your Camels engine cowl is properly fastened.\
  • john m. Sat 8.00 : Anybody keen to brave the elements this morning?
  • John M. Thur 23;00 : That should be Cirrus SR22
  • John M. Thur 23;00 :\
  • John M. Thur 23;00 : Check out the interesting cockpit in the CR22 Cirrus and his approach to a short landing strip.
  • Bryan : Here’s to a nice flying day tomorrow. I’ll bring the bar-b.
  • Tony Wed 17:00 : Good one, John 🙂 He was on Briton's Got Talent too\ . Because of your encouragement I almost bought a trampoline but then I was reading more 🙂 :\
  • John M. Wed 10.45 : Here's something us old guys can work on.\
  • Bob g : Looking forward to returning on Thursday.Domestic chores just about finished.happy flying.
  • Bryan : I’ll be on airport pickup duty Tuesday so I hope to see you all Thursday. Happy flying all.
  • Dave : They’re forecasting 3 degrees tonight and tomorrow night
  • Martin : His it about 10am start tomorrow
  • Dave : Make sure you rug up tomorrow it’s going to be bloody cold brrrrrr
  • Derril : Jerry 2 if you like phone on 0417994790
  • Jerry 2 : Sorry Derril I will not be there tomorrow but tue and Thursday weather permitting
  • Derril : Jerry2 wee can talk about it if ok for you are you going to youkine on tomorrow
  • Jerry 2 : Hi Derril how much do you want for them please
  • Jerry 2 : Hi Derril
  • Jerry 2 : Hi Derril
  • Derril : jerry2 I have 55 60 70 speedes
  • Jerry 2 : Looking for a 50amp or 60amp speedie. Have lots of 30amp or 40amp to swap plus cash. Or just sell out right. Cheers
  • Graham Fri. : Looking calm for Sat.
  • Grajam : OK
  • Garry T : Sounds good Bryan
  • Bryan : Let’s give it a go hey. I’ll bring the bar-b and an umbrella!
  • Graham Wed. 1000 : Looks like the first flying will be tomorrow, Thurs!
  • fred.adler : I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms
  • Jerry 2 : Ok
  • Graham Tues. 2100 : Thurs. Too, if decent weather.
  • Jerry 2 : If the club flies tomorrow Wednesday will it still fly on Thursday weather permitting
  • Graham Tues. 1230 : I'll try for 1100 on Wed. if the weather is OK!
  • John M. Tues 12;30 : looks like I can only make it by 11;00 tomorrow , anyone else interested?
  • Tony Tue 9:15 : Looking at the radar. Not looking good for today. I'll have to give it a miss.
  • Tony Tue 9:00 : Same here. Most of my non-flying activities are happening on Wednesday.
  • Andrew : And having made the suggestion, I have a clash and won't be able to make it Wednesday.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it Tuesday, deliveries arriving sometime so have to stay home.
  • Dave : Tomorrow will be wet and very windy
  • Tony Mon 14:00 : One for the war-bird lovers: B17 lost tail in "friendly fire":\
  • Graham Mon. 1329 : Wed. & Thurs sounds like a good idea 😮
  • John M. Mon 12;50 : should be a "use" in there
  • John M. Mon 12;50 : Exactly, not sure if WARS makes of the Wed or not.
  • Tony Mon 10:30 : If I remember right we have permission for Y. east on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. But we can share with WARS, if we ask nicely 🙂
  • John M. Mon 10;00 : good suggestion, anyone interested in doing Wed and Thurs? We would have to bear in mind that Wed is a WARS day so they have priority, esp. not being able to use both sides at the same time.
  • Andrew : Wednesday?
  • John M. Sun 21;00 : Next visit to Yokine could well be Thurs.
  • Dave : Tuesday is looking bad
  • Graham Sun. : Sat. Was a no-go. Let's hope Tues. is flyable.
  • Graham : I'll give it a try.
  • Tony Sat 9:00 : Doesn't look too bad right now. Anyone keen enough to give it a go?
  • Dave : Guys looking wet all next week
  • Tony Fri 10:00 : Looks like our next flying day might be Tuesday.
  • Garry T : Unfortunately not!
  • Graham : Don't think there will be any flying tomorrow.
  • Tony Wed 22:00 : Right, John. Looking at the wind forecast nobody will be flying tomorrow then:)
  • John M. Wed 19;00 : I cant make flying tomorrow, have some work on. Will be there for Tues.
  • Bryan : See you tomorrow, the bar- b will be there as well.
  • John M. Mon 10;00 : Check out the build video, its even more interesting than the crash.\
  • John M. Sun 20 : Correction,flaps were in when it crashed, so maybe a high speed stall?
  • John M. Sun 20;00 : Have a look at this beautiful scratch built jetliner and feel his pain as it goes in. The lesson here, don't extend full flaps then continue around in the circuit.\
  • Garry T : Absolutely fabulous day at KAMS today, thanks for coming down John M, Tony, Bryan .and Rodd. Glad you enjoyed flying there
  • Jerry2 : Thanks Tony works great


Flying wings are great!

AMAS – state of CASA negotiations:

Club members should be aware that the AMAS has had input, via the AMAS Secretary, into the Technical Working Group. The presentation to the TWG members was sent to all AMAS members recently. There is still a way to go before all matters and regulations are settled.

In regards the MAAA Facebook post, the most important sentence is the final one – “We will continue to monitor the progress to ensure what has been agreed is implemented.” In other words, a verbal agreement has been made, however there is nothing in writing at this time. The AMAS some time ago received similar verbal assurances, and advised this would be confirmed by correspondence. The committee decided not to make any public comment until the offer has been made in writing, as we have been disappointed in the past by CASA failing to follow through.

In conclusion, the AMAS and MAAA have had verbal assurances/offers made to them, however nothing has been put in writing at this time and therefore nothing binding has been concluded.

Lex Cunningham

AMAS Committee member / WA Representative


On behalf of the MAAA, I am sending through this email to update our members on the proposed CASA Registration and Accreditation Scheme outcome for MAAA Clubs and Members. Your Executive prepared significant supporting documentation for Mr Shane Carmody, the Director of Aviation Safety (CASA) in light of the proposed registration and Accreditation of RPA’s within Australia. On Monday 25th March the MAAA Secretary met with three high level managers of CASA in Chris Monaghan, Anthony Stanton and Luke Gumley. This was in relation to the direction of the CASA registration and accreditation system. The material presented included significant information on the historical safety performance of the MAAA. 

The MAAA Executive is pleased to confirm that the exemption for all MAAA club locations and other flying sites will be achieved. Flying sites other than actual club sites, for example once a year float plane sites, will need to be identified, confirmed and approved by your State Association. Once these sites are confirmed, the MAAA membership will not be required to undertake any further registration or accreditation for these sites. Documenting these sites in the MAAA exemption list will require your clubs’ involvement with your State Association. The MAAA has again worked tirelessly to achieve these exemptions.

In summary:
* No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA Club.
* No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA flying site outside of a club location (locations to be identified and included on a flying site list to be established by your State Association).
* Clubs or flying sites currently operated with a current Area Approval (height extension etc.) are NOT affected by any proposed CASA Registration or accreditation scheme. (i.e. These sites already have an instrument and conditions in place for MAAA members at those sites and are exempt from impacts).
* Operation of non-motorised models/gliders is currently exempt from CASA registration at any location (all MAAA clubs/flying sites and other locations). This includes but not limited to Discuss Launch Gliders and slope soaring activities etc.

I hope this information serves to further reduce any of our memberships fear on the impact of the CASA Registration and Accreditation scheme and demonstrates the continued dedication of the MAAA to our members, clubs and state associations. On saying this the MAAA will continue to work with CASA to ensure the rights of MAAA members are considered in any further discussions. We will continue to monitor the progress to ensure what has been agreed is implemented.

Tyson Dodd
Secretary, MAAA (tel: 0499 060 611)

Neil Tank
President, MAAA
December 2018 was the last issue. Have a look at the main page.
Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running an EDF
  11. Wipe off dog poop 
  12. Make sure your receiver hasn’t become dislodged, and the aerials are in the correct alignments.
  13. Trees always win.

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