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Club day is Saturday, aiming for starting at 9:30am in summer, 10am  in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 25.11.17. Beth made beetroot cake for us, thanks Beth!
  • 28.11.17. Derril inspecting the ram pole
  • 2.12.17. Our fire man is almost gone....
  • 2.12.17. Greg telling the latest news.
  • 5.12.17. Almost nothing can keep Jerry away.
  • 9.12.17. Still not covered?
  • 9.12.17. Quick photo before the rain.
  • 10.12.17. Gyro day
  • 10.12.17.
  • 10.12.17. The Red Terror is no threat to the skinny magpie.
  • 10.12.17. Graham rigging the glider tow.
  • 10.12.17. Great outcome for our outing.
  • 10.12.17. You don't see the 7 years in the shed.
  • 10.12.17. There guys, I got the Sunbird out of a tree.
  • 10.12.17. The only damage from an odyssee further than the shopping centre!
  • 12.12.17. Bryan to maiden the Excalibur.
  • 12.12.17. Great entertainment to watch.
  • 12.12.17. He is back.
  • 12.12.17. John W. and Peter fixing the Apprentice while John M. is heading to pick up a lawn dart.

Latest Message: 13 minutes ago
  • Andrew : Love the faces. Great memory, Rod! Need mo' aerodynamiks to reduce wind effects and furry thing over the mike!
  • Tony Tue 13:30 : Windy or not, we had a good day. Many crashes though, never a dull moment! Check out the crash pole video with footage taken by Rod below. Any suggestions for a better way of recording are welcome. A great idea and we should work on it.
  • Tony Tue 8:30 : Thanks, Andrew. We used to tow the ASK up and if you blink she is out of sight 🙂 Better use bungee or the slope:\
  • Andrew : I'm not sure this is worth it, but it is interesting:\
  • Lex Mon 19:50 : A great day at the school on Sunday. A nervous maiden of an EDF, a shot duck (wing clap)and a fly away. What can go wrong? 🙂
  • Bryan : we looked on Netflix and it looks like the Mandela’s story has been removed unfortunately.
  • Bryan : Graham, trying to phone you but can’t get through.
  • Graham Fri. 1330 : To John M. Have you got the memory stick from Rod's pole?
  • Tony Thu 14:30 : Brent, I have a 3x45 mm motor shaft in case you don't.
  • Graham Wed. 1300 : Don't know about crutches, but the wind is dropping through Thurs. morning.
  • Andrew : I have a mobile mechanic coming today and I am hoping for good things.
  • Andrew : Sadly no. Remember, it is dealer pricing : (
  • Tony Tue 16:30 : plunk.. That must be the whole clutch?
  • Andrew : Quotes so far range from $300 to $2k (dealer price)
  • Andrew : Garry. Please don't discuss my crutch : )
  • Garry T : At least you flew!
  • Tony Tue 14:00 : Thanks Garry. Just as well he had the car serviced 🙂 Never mind Andrew's crutch. We had much less wind than expected, but enough to to make flying uncomfortable upstairs.
  • Garry T : As far as Andrews crutch goes.... I don't know!
  • Garry T : Just spoke to Rod,he is at Port Augusta and heading to Burra to stay the night. He is traveling well and passes on his regards to you all.

Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running on an EDF
Crash Pole:

(Tip: Downloading the pdf file will give you better readability than online)

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