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Club day is Saturday, aiming for starting at 9:30am in summer, 10am  in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 24.3.18. This is the very plane Joe Wurts discovered Dynamic Soaring with!
  • Club Day 24.3.18. A bird ate my elevator!!
  • 27.3.18. Garry has mechanics.
  • 27.3.18. Unstable air is not holding us back!
  • 27.3.18. Too gusty for this one. Foamies are easily fixed!
  • 28.3.18. Big action group testing the waters for a high winds activity.
  • 28.3.18. Nice boat!
  • 28.3.18, Woodsy in full action.
  • 29.3.18. Are they all flying?!
  • 28.3.18. Retrieving planes or boats, who cares?
  • 29.3.18. Balmy day with light winds. Great!
  • 20.3.18. Camp 2 well visited.
  • Club Day 31.3.18. Jerry was the first to fly today!
  • Club Day 31.3.18. Not bad attendance for an Easter Saturday.
  • Club Day 31.3.18. ??
  • 1.4.18. First all was just fine.
  • 1.4.18. This is not an April fool's joke. This is Brolga carnage!
  • 3.4.18. This plane wanted to go to a retirement home.
  • 3.4.18. Brent has lost control, but was very lucky!
  • 3.4.18. Another epoxy job for Garry?
  • 3.4.18. Derril is back!
  • 3.4.18. Fred's plane is still hanging in there.
  • 3.4.18. John M's Hangar. We do need camp 2.
  • 5.3.18. John's new Commander.
  • 5.3.18. Pretty busy for a Thursday. The greatest weather for the blessed retirees!
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Graham maidened his Wargo (Yak 55 with new paint job :).
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Lex flying a Radian - on a club day.
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Winds defied the forecast.
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Jerry and Rodd.
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Good attendance.
  • Club Day 7.3.18. Spot the wind force demo.
  • 10.4.18. Camp 1 exporting bits to Camp 2?
  • 10.4.18. John M. is looking after his Commander wings. Take note of a good idea!
  • 10.4.18. Garry donated a lot of his time for the Beagle's cowling.
  • 10.4.18. The cowl is in the mould.
  • 10.4.18. Teamwork got it out!
  • 12.4.18. Our shelter used to have gutters.
  • 12.4.18. Not even John M. was flying in these conditions.
  • 12.4.18. Good wash.
  • 12.4.18. She was water proof.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Ian was the early bird.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Nostalgic Lex
  • Club Day 14.4.18. 16 members present!
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Jerry, about to have a ball.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Seven flights for Daniel today!
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Greg is back and airborne.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Jim getting the maiden right.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Jim has a good mechanic.
  • Club Day 14.4.18. Maiden: Andrew's Graupner Pulsar.
  • 17.4.18. Simon visiting
  • 17.4.18. Pretty flash Orion, Simon!
  • 17.4.18. Thirteen members present today.
  • 17.4.18. That's a heat shrink!
  • 17.4.18. Almost a Family day.
  • 17.4.18. One more joke please, Derril!
  • 19.4.18. The number of John M's batteries is a clear indication for his stick time.
  • 19.4.18. Derril's 1600 with new colour scheme.
  • 19.4.18. Derril and John. It's a team.
  • 19.4.18. Thursday on the West field.
  • 19.4.18. John T. and his home grown Lightnin' Bug X
  • 19.4.18. Neat job.

Latest Message: 2 hours, 6 minutes ago
  • Tony Fri 9:00 : It's not even this far back, John. Anyway, you got it now 🙂
  • John M. Fri 9.00 am : Tony, robotic dog was the last link I could find.
  • Tony Fri 9:00 : John, have you scrolled the little message window?\
  • John M. Thur 22.15 : Hi Tony my computer doesn't scroll back far enough.
  • Graham Thurs : Hi all...are we flying tomorrow? I can be there but not too early!
  • Tony Thu 1500 : John M. The link to the lousy landing is still on here. Scroll down.
  • Bryan : Late news, bar-b is on Thursday. Couldn’t disappoint Andrew twice, see you all there.
  • Andrew : Bryan . . . Noooooooo!
  • Bryan : Hi guys, unfortunately I have yo leave early tomorrow so no bar- b Tuesday. See you there.
  • fred adler : The weather forecast winds keeps altering on Willyweather. Friday morning is looking good for Warwick and ducted fans.
  • Garry T : I could be available Wednesday morning Fred to help out
  • Bryan : FYI: it seams the Aust store has stock of the 2217 elec motor we prefer for the Phoenix 1600. The SKU is 2217/16 Fred you may be interested.
  • fred adler : what a great Saturday mornings flying. Apparently its now school holidays and we can go to Warwick. I'm looking for someone to help fly my Vampire
  • Bryan : Great news Graham.
  • Andrew : Ian??\
  • Graham Fri : He will be building more models now as he is clear in all test. Beth
  • Andrew : Great to hear that you have no excuses now, Graham : )
  • Graham Fri : Got the results of my MRI... Seems my head is OK!
  • Bryan : Your landings are great compared to that effort. A few kinked necks on that plane me thinks.
  • John M. Thur 17.25 :\ and I thought my landings had been a bit off lately.
  • Bryan : Bar-b Thursday so see you all there.
  • Bryan : Bar-b Tuesday Graham, see you there.
  • Bryan : Bar-b Saturday and yes the burner is in the car!!! See you all there.
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow, see you all there.
  • Graham Wed. 1252 : Wind looking low for Thurs.
  • fred adler : Thanks to Andrew I have a small R/c catapault glider to build. It requires a Parkzone UMX receiver. (has inbuilt servos and runs of a 1S lipo. Does anyone have one from a wreck?
  • Garry T : Hope you all had a nice Easter, see you in the morning!
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow. Graham just wondering if you feeling better and will require a bubble and squeek.
  • Bryan : Bar-b Thursday so see you there.
  • fred adler : club needs one of these drone guns
  • Dan : Interest article on the drone gun being used by Queensland police below for the Commonwealth Games.
  • Dan :\
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow, see you there
  • Bryan : I won’t be at the park Saturday so I’ll catch you Tuesday guys. Have a great weekend.
  • Bryan : Thanks Jerry, what a fluke hey. Matt did a great job getting the glider out with no extra damage. Nice bunch of guys and we’d now have a great contact for assistance when required.
  • Jerry : Bryan glad to hear mystique came down with no damage.
  • Andrew : Mine is current and I will maintain it for the foreseeable future.
  • fred adler : Tonu - I have a Working with Children check - valid for next three years
  • Tony Wed 19:00 : I need to know how many of us have a current WWC check. Fred? Graham? Andrew? Thanks.
  • Garry T : Should be a nice day to set up the Mystique Bryan! Nice light winds
  • Bryan : Bar-b Thursday guys, don’t worry Graham, I won’t forget you. See you all there.
  • Graham Wed. 1330 : Hi guys, sorry I didn't let you know I was discharged sooner. (Like a LiPo). See you thurs.
  • Garry T : Good to hear Graham,look forward to seeing you Thursday
  • Bryan : FYI Graham has been discharged from hospital. Initial results are good. More tests to come. Looking forward to seeing him at the park Thursday.
  • fred adler : The pacemaker had a software issue. Just as well its not run by Windows 10.
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow guys. See you there. I hope all is going well with Graham.
  • fred adler : Wont be at Yokine this Tuesday - not just because of wind but my pacemaker needs a tweak. Besides Thursday is looking much better. See you then
  • fred adler : Graham Sulley is in Hollywood hospital for investigations. Direct phone line to his room is 94858256. He would love to hear from you perhaps later in the day after more tests.
  • Andrew : Oooh. Oooh! OooooHHH!\
  • Andrew : Now here is some flying with the fan on the front I enjoy:\
  • Tony Sat 17:00 : There were a few members taking on the wind today. Tuesday looks like it will break even, wind wise haha!
  • Bryan : It’s race day Saturday guys so I’ll see you all Tuesday. Hopefully.
  • Bryan : Hi gents, the winds might not be high enough for John M’s liking it it shouldn’t be too bad. Bar-b will be there so see you at the park.
  • Bryan : Great action shot s there Tony.
  • Bryan : Nice to see the Beagle committing aviation again, we’ll done John.
  • John M. Wed.8.25am : A big thank you to all those members who helped retrieve the Beagle wreckage, you were so thorough in retrieving every last vestige I was able to piece it all together successfully.
  • Andrew : Bryan! Great to see a Mystique!
  • Garry T : Thanks Brent for supplying lunch and Bryan for the cooking ? excellent!
  • Garry T : Top photos Tony!
  • Bryan : Looking o.k. For Tuesday. Bar-q on and it’s going to be steak sandwich and onion thanks to Brent.
  • Bryan : Yes Tony, I have just gone around and put away outdoor furniture etc at my home and my sons, seeing he is overseas. I hope all is well with our members. Strong winds till 8:00am appstently
  • Tony Sat 13:00 : From the community news paper today: 'Severe weather warning issued for "unusually strong" winds: '. No kidding 🙂
  • John M. Fri 7.25am : Yokine is not the only field with aggressive signs, look about 2min in.\
  • Andrew : Not long till I am that good : )\
  • Tony Thu 16:00 : Great to see that our nerdy hobby is entertaining for others too, Bryan:) And thanks for the BBQ.
  • Bryan : Thanks to all for making the guys day at the field today. They seamed to have a good time. It makes a nice change for them all.
  • Bryan : A great day for flying. Looking forward to hopefully having more days with conditions like that.
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow guys. See you there.
  • Bryan : I good on ya mate
  • Garry T : I'll be there with a few firewall stiffners for those who wanted them!
  • Bryan : Hi guys, seeing it’s going to be so hot Tuesday I won’t be doing a bar-b. Seems autumn is the new summer. See you there
  • Graham Fri. 1347 : Done my limbo repairs... see you all on Sat.
  • fred adler : what a great autumn morning! Lots of gliders over Yokine
  • Bryan : Well guys it doesn’t look to bad for Thursday so see you there. The bar-b will be on site.
  • Lex Wed 09:00 : "The Beagle has landed." You're a cruel man Tony 🙂
  • Tony Tue 18:00 : John, cowling from Germany 23 Euro:\
  • Tony Tue 17:30 : John, you are not alone:\
  • Tony Tue 17:30 : Hi Allan, hope you had a great birthday outing! See you Sunday.
  • guest_6166 : Hi guys, this is Allan, I met you on the first Sunday of last month at Warwick open space, would it be possible to join you this Sunday for a fly please
  • guest_6329 : See you there Graham, I’ll bring that battery I have issues with. Bar-b on tomorrow
  • Graham Mon. 1215 : Wind forecast not too bad for Tues. See you at 0930.
  • Bryan : I hate auto correct
  • Bryan : Looks like it will be windy, but remember wind I see you’re friend! Bar-b will be there. See you all for a good days entertainment.
  • Garry T : I’ll drop in for a fly on my way to my 1230 appointment, see you all tomorrow
  • Bryan : Yes Graham the day is looking good. I’ll have the bar- b there, looking forward to it
  • Graham Wed. 1245 : Hi all, looking nice & calm for Thurs. 😀
  • Garry T : The boys at KAMS say hi Bryan. Had a huge day on Saturday. See you tomorrow
  • Bryan : I’ll bring along the bar-b tomorrow, see you there
  • Bryan : Saturday I see the first RAC meeting at Barbagello Raceway and I’ll be there working so I hope everyone has a great days flying and I’ll catch you on Tuesday.
  • guest_4985 : Thank you Lex for the bungee info. I might come up on Saturday and have a look. Regards Neil.
  • Lex Thu 12:30 : Neil, if you are in Perth come and see us. The club has a suitable bungee. If not, Bunnings 6mm shockcord 40m plus nylon line 100m.
  • Tony Thu 7:30 : Gary, there is a source for a ASW 28:\ ,Hongkong, US$103+ shipping US$45
  • suburban : Hi gents - found this via an old post on RCG re ASW28 - it seems i just purchased the last one that can be found online - a friend is also chasing one - are there any models collecting dust that require a re-home ? thanks - Gary 🙂
  • guest_8362 : hi to all. just got myself a "Brolga 2" glider to build.what bungee launch rubber size would you recommend and where can i buy the bungee launch system. regards Neil
  • Bryan : Seeing it’s going to be hot I won’t be bringing the bar-b Thursday. A slushy machine would be better!! See you there for another great day.
  • Lex Wed 08:25 : Is Jim trying to thin out his hangar? 🙂
  • Shane : An interesting little test on glue types.\
  • Garry T : Another fabulous day at Yokine! The Radian XL flew well after the repairs...... good in lift but a slug under power. Might have to Tonyise the power train!
  • Tony Tue 16:00 : Jim, how's that for a dog?\
  • Tony Tue 15:00 : I second that, great day, and thanks for the catering! Sorry about Jim's mishap. The Radian has some nasty tricks up her sleeve.
  • Bryan : Great day a time the reserve. Great conditions, you missed a Nice one Fred. Looking forward to Thursday!
  • John M. Tues 9.05am : So are we flying today?
  • Garry T : KAMS glider rally was tops.see you all tomorrow!
  • fred adler : Wednesday and Thursday wind may be better than Tuesday
  • Bryan : I had a very pleasant day at KAMS Sunday. Lovely facility, warmly welcomed and a great day for it. There were some wonderful gliders there, as one might expect. I even had a fly of one. Quite different to our foamies. Bar- b on tomorrow and I’ll bore you all with the details. See you there.
  • Tony Sun 16:15 : Hi Loc Vinh, come on any Saturday morning around 10am to Yokine Reserve, carpark Dryden street, and talk to us. We are happy to help!
  • Locvinh : I'd like to become a member Yokine club to fly at there. May you help me.
  • Tony Sun 8:30 : Congratulations to you and Ashleigh! You are excused 🙂
  • Andrew : May I present to you: Ashleigh Marie Jackson: BSc (with distinction) Environmental Biology, BSc Applied Geology, Winner of the Ian Abercrombie Award for the most outstanding graduate with a BSc. (slightly proud and that's why I wasn't there on Saturday : )
  • Tony Sat 16:00 : Was a great day today, again. Thanks for the cake, Graham! We missed a few members, sorry you couldn't make it 🙁
  • Bryan : Doesn’t look too bad Thursday so see you al there and I’ll take the bar- b as well, ok Graham, not too much breaky!!
  • John M. Tues 7.45am : incident happens about 3min in on that link.
  • Garry T : Ha ha, I’m doing the same Bryan but at 0900! I’ll see you all on Thursday . Enjoy tomorrow boys!

Some nice video from WA glider crew Simon Watts’ new Antares being towed by Nigel Molyneux and flying at the Jerilderie 2018 Aerotow event. And yes the best lift was usually found over the Sewerage farm LOL
Me210, the worst Me ever

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Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running on an EDF
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