Soaring Model Society of Western Australia

Club day is Saturday. We aim to start at 9 am in summer but later in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please always check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 12.1.19. One for the album.
  • 15.1.19. Training in progress.
  • 15.1.19. Jerry showing off his mid-air trophy.
  • 21.2.19. Counselling?
  • Club Day 2.3.19. Extended retrieving team.
  • Club Day 9.3.19. Rigging up the shelter.
  • Club Day 9.3.19. Rain no problem.
  • 12.3.19. The Radian XL team.
  • 14.3.19. John cheering us up.
  • Club Day 16.3.19. Shiny new HK composite P51 maidened.
  • 21.3.19, Equinox. Bob receiving set-up training.
  • Club Day 23.3.19. Rodd, having a good day.
  • Club Day 23.3.19. Visitors. There is interest. The hobby is not dead yet.
  • Club Day 23.3.19. Paul maidened the Conscendo.
  • 26.3.19. The Hacker that needed to be re-engineered.
  • 26.3.19.Our Hacker re-engineer.
  • 26.3.19. Now that's a proper hit.
  • 28.3.19. Setting up the Pilatus B4.
  • Club Day 30.3.19. High winds keep the numbers down.
  • 2.4.19. The Condor getting ready to embrace the large eastern field.
  • 2.4.19. Memorable day today.
  • 2.4.19. The Epsilon 3 on the dolly.
  • 2.4.19. Great day for gliders.
  • 2.4.19. John maidened the FW 190.
  • 2.4.19. The other FW 190
  • 2.4.19. Close but still different.
  • 2.4.19. Camp II talk.
  • 2.4.19. After session.
  • 3.4.19. Everything tied down, no problem.
  • 3.4.19. If you are not in the picture you missed out.
  • 3.4.19. The right plane for the right day.
  • Club Day 6.4.19. It sure was a special day.
  • Club Day 6.4.19. Even Bob had some show&tell.
  • Club Day 6.4.19. Ian brought his favourite boys and planes.
  • 9.4.19. Enjoyable day. Never mind the wind.
  • 9.4.19. Nice flight line for a stiff NE. The eastern field is simply the best.
  • 11.4.19. Great outcome today, even the lawn corers came.
  • 11.4.19. Cakes are coming.
  • 11.4.19. This man was celebrating a significant birthday!
  • 11.4.19. Graham in control.
  • 11.4.19. Bob is in control.
  • Club Day 13.4.19. A bit windy but quite flyable. Welcome to the club, Paul!
  • 16.4.19. Not getting bored in a hurry!
  • 18.4.19. Garry filling in for John W. The Consciendo gets maidened, again?
  • 18.4.19. Helen was the Easter Bunny.
  • 18.4.19. Many empty chairs is a good sign. Maybe the last really glorious autumn day this season.
  • Club Day 20.4.19. Easter Saturday. Turned out really good!
  • Club Day 20.4.19. Easter Saturday. Brilliant day, and not as cold as expected.
  • Club Day 20.4.19. Easter Saturday. Glider or not, we often caught some lift. It was harder to keep the dogs off our planes though. We may have to invest in a fence. This is getting out of hand 🙂

Latest Message: 1 day, 14 hours ago
  • fred.adler : Warwick was delightful today. Alex picked a boomer thermal with his electrified Invader.
  • fred.adler : warwick 1.30pm today
  • Tony Sun 9:00 : No, but he had a rotten attitude.
  • Garry T : Was he walking a Rottweiler!
  • Tony Sat 17:00 : Didn't we have a great day today? Thermals galore in the sun. Good on you all for keeping your cool with the cranky bogan dog walker.
  • Dave : Thanks for the help Thursday graham
  • Lex Fri 1330 : Warwick Sunday arvo looks like it will be F9 Panther time 🙂
  • Graham Fri. : Weather looking pretty good for Sat .
  • fred.adler : starting time on Saturday? Suggest 10am at earliest due to cold. Sunday afternoon is looking really nice and Warwick is available.
  • Jerry 2 : Thanks Tony
  • Tony Thu 16:00 : Jerry, it is\
  • Jerry 2 : Forgot to put my name
  • guest_5387 : Great day for flying. Had a good time no smashes. Tony could you tell me again the name of the Hobby shop in Japan for spinners and prop sale please.
  • Bryan : Bar-b Thursday see you there
  • fred.adler : Wow - great morning at Warwick. Some repairs needed to noses of Vampire and L39 - but good flights. Repairs should be complete so we can fly next week if we get a good day
  • Graham wed. : Doctors appoinment at 11 am. Cant make anything.
  • Andrew : I have some work on in the morning, but intend to try for after lunch at Yokine. Gliders and bungees?
  • Tony Tue 17:00 : Was not so bad in Yokine today. Can't make it on Wed.
  • Garry T : i have friends from Victoria dropping in on us tomorrow so my flying is on hold! See you Thursday
  • Garry T : Change of plans for me,
  • fred.adler : will fly ducted fans at Warwick tomorrow. GT - bring your vampire?
  • Lex Tues 0800 : Alex and I will be flying on Wednesday at the school from around 10.30.
  • John M. Tues 7.30 : Full on winter at the moment, and the forecast indicates more of the same, I wont fly this morning, have a couple of days work on, so see you all next week.
  • Garry T : See you tomorrow!!
  • Dave : Won’t be there blowing a gale here
  • Bryan : I have inspections Tuesday of the kitchen so I’ll make it Wednesday.
  • Dave : See you guys tomorrow
  • Bob G : Me too guys Wednesday is the best day for us. Happy landings.
  • Graham Sun. : I could be interested in a Wed. fly. (As well as Tues & Thurs)
  • fred.adler : Forecast best day this week is Wednesday - should be calm. Flying can take place at Warwick for the next two weeks - school holidays. Anyone interested?
  • Dave : Too slow left wing stalls and say no more
  • Bob G : Hi guys. Won’t be there tomorrow due to close proximity of trees on western side.see you all Tuesday.
  • John M. Thur 19 : Oh boy these B25s can be a handful on the maiden...........\
  • John M. Thur 19;00 : Wow, that's great news Bryan. You will be wiser next time.
  • Jerry : Bryan glad to see you oot it down ok with minor damage.
  • Bryan : The eagle has landed. The guys plucked it out and otherthan a few l/e indents all good. Full check to be done but looks o.k. See you all Tuesday.
  • Bryan : I’ll be there tomorrow but late as I’m have to take a friend to collect his car from service. I’ll bring the bar-b.
  • Paul Wed 13:00 : Thanks Tony.Yes indeed, would love to try it on Saturday
  • Tony Wed 11:00 : Hi Paul, 20 deg is suggested on the web. From experience you'll have to test for the best throw and also elevator compensation. Nice project to work on 🙂
  • Paul : Tony, have the batteries sorted for the conscendo. What do you suggest as a starting point for percentages on spoilerons
  • John M. Mon 21 : Have a look at this beautiful model having problems on its maiden flight.\
  • Bryan : See you all tomorrow, due to the hot weather I’m not taking the bar-b, we will need to keep cool!
  • Tony Mon 22:00 : Will be hot and windy tomorrow. See you anyway 😉
  • fred.adler : Hyperion Lipo bought locally 4 months ago. Charged up - unused. Tested 2 days ago - one cell shows zero. Managed to put some charge into it. Impossible to balance. Sounds like the Lipo donated by Dave to run loud speaker at Yokine. Wont buy Hyperion ever again
  • Dave : Got to spend money that was given to them before end of fiancal year
  • Tony Wed 14:00 : Good day and lots of fresh air. Still trying to figure out why the parking area needs re-surfacing. Any ideas? Might see you Sat.
  • Dave : Graham thanks for the help today really appreciate it and enjoyed the flying
  • Graham Tues Pm. : Flying tomorrow, Wed, on Yokine West at 9 Am.
  • John M. Mon 21;00 : The Petrincic bros re- maiden the Avios Grumman, after repairs and resetting the C.G. What a great landing!\
  • Bryan : See you all tomorrow, I’ll bring the bar-b
  • Dave : Car packed for tomorrow
  • Derril : Tony thank you for in fo
  • Derril : Jhon see you Tuesday thank you for repairers
  • Derril : Thank you for in fo
  • Dave : The eastern side is ok for Tuesday isn’t it
  • fred.adler : Thursday and Friday this week there are works in the carpark. The City requests no parking on road or verge and the carpark is closed. We will comply and that means no club flying on Thursday. Wednesday is available on West and the weather looks OK.
  • Dave : Come on Tuesday we can use the eastern side yay
  • Tony Fri 15:00 : Deja vu?\
  • John M. Fri 10;20 : Take a look at this, the Avios Grumman behaves just like the real one.\
  • John M. Fri 10;20 : That sounds like a Phoenix you were using Bryan, a piece of tape, strategically placed solves the problem.
  • Bryan : Had a great time Hi sloping at 4 mile beach near Hopetown! Unfor5unately on my last flight the prop hung up on the canopy again and I hit a tree on landing on the beach. Little damage but will have to repair at home. You get that.
  • Garry T : Top spot for sloping Bryan,hint..... try not to land on front of slope, you’ll never retrieve it. When you see it you will understand. Stunning spot though. Club weekend would be something!
  • Bryan : Sad to hear of your mishap Bob, take care. Am off to Shelley Beach near Albany for a slope soaring session today. Looking forward to it.
  • Bob. 4469 : Guest 4487 is bob but don’t ask me how that happened. TTFN
  • John M. Sun 19;00 : My sympathizes to 4487, I always knew gardening was bad for you, but just who is guest 4487?
  • guest_4487 : Hi all. Had a gardening mishap Sat.Deep gash near left ankle. Told not to stand too much for next week.TTFN
  • John M. Fri 13;30 : I cant set up for a 9;00 start this Sat so will be along latter.
  • John M. Fri 13;30 : Hi all Im looking for a book called Winged Victory by V.M.Yeates That I lent to a fellow flyer, (soft cover featuring a biplane ) but cant rember who.
  • Dave : Welcome to the club jerry lowe
  • John M. Wed 16.30 : Bob bring your new transmitter next time as thinking about it, there has always been a problem binding your existing transmitter, may have been the root cause of all of your mishaps. It will be better to have all of your models in the DX6.
  • Graham Wed. : Welcome to the club Jerry.
  • Jerry Lowe : Joined the Club today. I have had lots of assistance and I certainly needed it. Looking forward to lots more flights and less crashes.
  • Garry T : Won’t be there this morning, taking neighbour to Murdoch for day surgery. Have an enjoyable day guys, see you Thursday
  • Dave : Rookie mistake everyone has made it
  • Bryan : Nice looking model. Weather looks good for tomorrow, see you all there and I’ll bring the bar-b.
  • John M. Mon 16;30 : WOW those rolls were tight and straight off the deck as well, must look into getting one of these.
  • Derril : I thought the pilot was ????
  • Andrew : John. None of us would do such a thing, surely?
  • John M. Mon 13;00 : I feel a whole lot better now after watching this. LoL and these guys are experts.\
  • Dave : Ok thanks graham sounds like the big cherry picker next week
  • Graham Sat. evening : Dave, just had a last look at the plane for the day. Still in much the same position.
  • Dave : Thanks graham
  • Graham Fri. 4pm : Been to look at the radian again.... hasn't moved much in spite of a bit of wind. Will try to check again just before sunset.
  • Dave : Will bring your cup with me when I come Tuesday
  • Dave : Graham how’s the wind at your house pretty windy here
  • Dave : But Matt said next week and got the money to pay him in my wallet seperate. To everything else
  • Dave : Garry graham checked this morning still same place hasn’t moved maybe this arvo susposed to be 20-25 winds
  • Garry T : Damn those trees! Hope it stays there till the tree guy shows Dave
  • Garry T : Just watched the video of the 8m Arcus with single blade prop. We use single bladers in pylon, have done for years!
  • Dave : Ok thanks mate and yes you did
  • Graham Fri. 8AM : Dave, been to the tree and the plane is still in the same place. Not much wind. I think I left my cup in the front of your car. Will check again later.
  • John M. Thur 8;10 : A big thank to all who assisted in salvaging the Leader from plane eating tree. She is nearly ready to fly again.
  • John M. Thur 8;00 : Unfortunately Im unable to come flying this morning so see you all Sat.
  • Bryan : My sons flight time has been brought forward so I’ll be on taxi duty Thursday so I’ll catch you all next week. Happy flying and John, keep out of the trees. Enjoy yourselves.
  • Tony Wed 13:30 : It is not a pointer but a symbol to indicate the presence of model planes above 400'. In this case there is 1000' pointed out as well. It is a current chart. That's good enough for me.
  • Dave : Cortisone been changed dates so I can come tomorrow and Saturday
  • John M. Wed 10.45 : So what does the pink arrow marked M at Yokine mean? There could be models operating up 1000ft ? So we still have permission to fly up to 1000 ? The pink arrow appears to point at Robinson reserve in Royal st.Tuart Hill?
  • Tony Tue 19:30 : If you want to roughly know how to read a chart like shown below:\
  • Garry T : Well done on the recovery boys!
  • Bryan : Looking good for tomorrow, I’ll see you there. Bar-b time.
  • John M. Sat 18;45 : Have a look at this Gerry , if the landing approach isn't going well with the Camel, go around. this advise could apply across the board.\
  • Garry T : Not even control line, Fred!
  • fred.adler : its now 12.20pm. anyone flying this afternoon?
  • Andrew : Yup. Rain band has not even cleared Pearce yet!
  • John M. Sat 9.15 : Looks more like 10/10;30 start time.
  • John M. Sat 8.15 : Looks like continual rain for some time so I wont set up for 9.00, may be 9.30/10. A good morning for building.
  • Derril : Thank you to all I hope to be in about 10 days to keep you on boil ha ha
  • Dave : Thanks tony garry is gonna to look at the one that I have if still don’t work will grab yours
  • Tony Fri 12:30 : Will bring a receiver tomorrow, Dave. Hope It'll bind.
  • Jerry : Derril I hope your ok,look foward to seeing you soon.
  • Dave : Thanks tony
  • Dave : Hi tony if you have a jr/ spectrum receiver could you bring tomorrow cannot get this one to bind
  • Dave : Get well soon derril
  • Garry T : Wishing You a speedy recovery Derril
  • Bryan : Derril, I hope all is going ok for you. See you soon.
  • Dave : It’s ok thanks tony I found a new one in my transmitter case which I forgot about
  • Dave : Thanks tony see you Saturday
  • Garry T : Thanks Tony
  • Tony Thu 14:00 : Dave, I might have a receiver for your big Radian
  • Derril : I am unable to get to the field a week or so as just come out of hospitle whitch was not to good you all have great time

Are Ducted Fans the future?


AMAS – state of CASA negotiations:

Club members should be aware that the AMAS has had input, via the AMAS Secretary, into the Technical Working Group. The presentation to the TWG members was sent to all AMAS members recently. There is still a way to go before all matters and regulations are settled.

In regards the MAAA Facebook post, the most important sentence is the final one – “We will continue to monitor the progress to ensure what has been agreed is implemented.” In other words, a verbal agreement has been made, however there is nothing in writing at this time. The AMAS some time ago received similar verbal assurances, and advised this would be confirmed by correspondence. The committee decided not to make any public comment until the offer has been made in writing, as we have been disappointed in the past by CASA failing to follow through.

In conclusion, the AMAS and MAAA have had verbal assurances/offers made to them, however nothing has been put in writing at this time and therefore nothing binding has been concluded.

Lex Cunningham

AMAS Committee member / WA Representative


On behalf of the MAAA, I am sending through this email to update our members on the proposed CASA Registration and Accreditation Scheme outcome for MAAA Clubs and Members. Your Executive prepared significant supporting documentation for Mr Shane Carmody, the Director of Aviation Safety (CASA) in light of the proposed registration and Accreditation of RPA’s within Australia. On Monday 25th March the MAAA Secretary met with three high level managers of CASA in Chris Monaghan, Anthony Stanton and Luke Gumley. This was in relation to the direction of the CASA registration and accreditation system. The material presented included significant information on the historical safety performance of the MAAA. 

The MAAA Executive is pleased to confirm that the exemption for all MAAA club locations and other flying sites will be achieved. Flying sites other than actual club sites, for example once a year float plane sites, will need to be identified, confirmed and approved by your State Association. Once these sites are confirmed, the MAAA membership will not be required to undertake any further registration or accreditation for these sites. Documenting these sites in the MAAA exemption list will require your clubs’ involvement with your State Association. The MAAA has again worked tirelessly to achieve these exemptions.

In summary:
* No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA Club.
* No operational change or registration required for any MAAA member flying at a MAAA flying site outside of a club location (locations to be identified and included on a flying site list to be established by your State Association).
* Clubs or flying sites currently operated with a current Area Approval (height extension etc.) are NOT affected by any proposed CASA Registration or accreditation scheme. (i.e. These sites already have an instrument and conditions in place for MAAA members at those sites and are exempt from impacts).
* Operation of non-motorised models/gliders is currently exempt from CASA registration at any location (all MAAA clubs/flying sites and other locations). This includes but not limited to Discuss Launch Gliders and slope soaring activities etc.

I hope this information serves to further reduce any of our memberships fear on the impact of the CASA Registration and Accreditation scheme and demonstrates the continued dedication of the MAAA to our members, clubs and state associations. On saying this the MAAA will continue to work with CASA to ensure the rights of MAAA members are considered in any further discussions. We will continue to monitor the progress to ensure what has been agreed is implemented.

Tyson Dodd
Secretary, MAAA (tel: 0499 060 611)

Neil Tank
President, MAAA

Everybody wants to know the hight limit. Here is a current VTC chart and legend. The “M” under the purple arrows stands for Model Plane. Best guess for location would be Yokine and Whiteman Park, in fact I’m pretty sure. Notice that Yokine has the SFC/1000 marker (surface to 1000′ AGL). There is a lot to see on the air-services site: URL.

Go wild and check out which other clubs in AUS have such an exception, like down near Fremantle.  And frankly, as long as it’s noted in the charts it is legal and I don’t care how it got there.

December 2018 was the last issue. Have a look at the main page.
Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running an EDF
  11. Wipe off dog poop 
  12. Make sure your receiver hasn’t become dislodged, and the aerials are in the correct alignments.
  13. Trees always win.

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