Soaring Model Society of Western Australia

Club day is Saturday. We aim to start at 9:30 am in summer, now trying 11 or 12 pm (!) in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please always check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • 30.8.18. Garry was back, telling pylon racing tails.
  • Club Day 1.9.18. Not many members but great thermals!
  • Club Day 1.9.18. Fred re-discovered the Cularis.
  • Club Day 1.9.18. Noel getting tech support.
  • Club Day 1.9.18. Show and tell again.
  • Club Day 1.9.18. Coming along nicely, Jerry!
  • 6.9.18. Show&Tell for balsa builders.
  • 6.9.18. All marshals and safety officers.
  • 6.9.18. Another Zulu maidened.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Socialising.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Wind manageable. Notice that the flight line was correctly aligned at this very moment.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Having a good time, gusty or not.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Hookie cleaning up the apple core
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Hookie, food inspector.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Having a good time, gusty or not.
  • Club Day 8.9.18. Wind manageable. Notice that the flight line was correctly aligned at this very moment.
  • 9.9.18. The Vampire has been maidened.
  • 11.9.18. The cones are coming.
  • 11.9.18. It's team work.
  • 11.9.18. Just another Tuesday?
  • 11.9.18. The P6 has the looks but tends to tip stall.
  • 11.9.18. Graham and his chair.
  • 13.9.18. It's spring time but not quite.
  • 13.9.18. Enough members to make it count. The chick was there by chance. I noticed she has the plaster off now.
  • Club Day 15.9.18. Graham, John and Dave.
  • Club Day 15.9.18. Wake up, Daniel!
  • Club Day 15.9.18. Jim and women with dogs.
  • Club Day 15.9.18. What did he tell her?
  • Club Day 15.9.18. The first RES glider in Yokine? Topaz SV2
  • Club Day 15.9.18. Oops... Sorry, Andrew 🙁
  • 18.9.18. Plenty of members present.
  • 18.9.18. Look who is back!
  • 18.9.18. John is picking up where he left off.

Latest Message: 4 hours, 31 minutes ago
  • Bryan : Looking good for tomorrow. See you all there. Bar-b will be there.
  • Derril 12:30 : Flying 10 am as wind is coming up later
  • Dave : No wind here in palmyra at the moments
  • Bryan : See you all there and I’ll bring the bar-b as well.
  • Dave : See you there
  • Garry T : See you at 1000
  • Derril : Tues wind better at 10 am
  • Graham Mon. : Wind is looking good for Tues. About 1030 start?
  • Dave : Wind forecast by Willy weather is 5.5 Koh with 7.5 gust
  • Graham : 1100 suits me for Sat.
  • Dave : Hey Garry making a water meter cover do you want one
  • Garry T : Going to KAMS tomorrow, enjoy your day boys
  • Tony Fri 17:00 : Wind will be less later. Suggest 11.
  • Dave : What time tomorrow
  • Garry T : No worries Tony! Shitty weather but good company, oh and happy birthday Daniel Adler
  • Tony Thu 14:00 : It was windy but flyable. The Zulu caught a strong lift just when it started to drizzle. Thanks for the biscuits, Bryan and Garry.
  • Graham thurs : Be at the field around 10.30
  • Tony Thu 8:30 : Thought that too, Andrew. But better too fast than not quite getting there?
  • Andrew : Inertia landed way too fast. A mate used to plan a 10km final glide starting under 500ft. Of course, he was doing nearly 250kph when he started - and this was in a 30 year old glider!
  • Dave : Rain has set in here no flying for me today will go Saturday
  • Bryan : Wet weather!
  • Bryan : Due to possible we took weather and no cover no bar-b tomorrow but I will have biscuits!
  • Dave : Graham no wings in Australia they on back order what a pile of crap everything seems on back order lol
  • Dave : Me depends on weather
  • Bryan : Flying tomorrow?
  • Dave : Graham wings now 44.75 but out of stock. Will check again tomorrow morning
  • Tony Wed 17:30 : 10 sounds fine. This is inertia:\
  • Garry T : 1000 is good ??
  • Derril 16/16 : A little wind about mid day start flying 10am
  • Bryan : Painters and insurance inspector at house this morning so hope to see you all Thursday.
  • Garry T : See you at 1000
  • Dave : According to Willy weather wind speed at yokine will be 7.4 kilometres per hour at ssse
  • Tony Mon 16:00 : Wind is not too bad even later. Whoever is first is setting up 🙂
  • Graham Mon. : 10.30 suits me. (Longer sleep in)
  • Derril : If wind is increasing at lunch time I think 10 am is better to start flying
  • fred adler : suggest 10.30am tomorrow - Tuesday. winds are due to increase around lunch time.
  • Dave : I was home ordering wings for glider on Friday
  • fred adler : OK - where were you today - Sunday. Flying was on at Warwick but only Dan and I were there. Calm , great thermals around 11am. What a great day.
  • Dave : Hopefully Tuesday is like today
  • Dave : What a beautiful day
  • Tony Sat 17:00 : There were definitely more up gusts than down gusts at some spots today. Interesting Saturday. The Zulu liked it.
  • Dave : Graham those wings have gone back up
  • Tony Fri 22:00 : Let's make it 11.
  • Tony Fri 19:00 : What's your preference for starting time tomorrow? Seems like later is better.
  • Graham : I see H.King has a Zulu... but out of stock!
  • Tony Fri 9:20 : Works all fine, John. Hope you enjoy the European summer and the Irish beer. We had a great day with anything from surprising lift to shocking sink. The cone experiment is working. Only one breach by a dog walker in 2 sessions.
  • John M. : After leaving I gave some thought to those keys and hoped they wouldn’t be needed. Be back mid Sept.
  • Graham : I'll be there about 10.00
  • Tony Wed 20:20 : Hope Graham will be there at 10 with the keys 🙂 Just been told that John M. has a set of keys as well. Come back soon, John.
  • Dave : I’ll be there
  • Graham : Looking fairly good for Thurs.
  • Derril : John m mind the little green man with the big hat have a great time
  • John M. : I hope your health has recovered now Tony, I’m in Ireland at the moment, having travelled around some, have yet to see an rc flying field as good as Yokine.
  • Dave : Yay no more rain I’m on my way
  • Derril : Look after your self and see you soon
  • Dave : Well I won’t be there today pouring rain here in palmyra and heading towards yokine
  • Garry T : Rest up Tony!
  • Dave : Have a good rest mate then come out strong
  • Tony Mon 20:00 : I won't be flying tomorrow either. Just come back from Hospital. All good now but the anaesthetic needs 48 hours to wear off. Please get the cones and signs from the store room and use Graham's windsock for now. I left it in my car and Lex has taken his home.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it tomorrow the new kitchen tiles are going in tomorrow. Hopefully see you all Thursday.
  • Graham Mon. : Fingers crossed for Tues.
  • Dave : Hopefully not tomorrow
  • Dave : Just had a down pour here in palmyra
  • Andrew : So the pulsar was higher than the Cularis! (Bring on the controversy : )
  • fred adler : Saturday was great soaring. Dan had his big Radian and I had the Cularis up at 928ft. Saturday we also had our first magpie attack for the season. Great to see 5 gliders in the same thermal.
  • Tony Sun 12:35 : Andrew, I was looking for your Pulsar, no wonder I couldn't spot it!
  • Garry T : Thanks Derril
  • Andrew : Pulsar achieved 294m according to the logs! Missed breaking the law by only 35 feet. Oops!
  • Derril : On Garry pressed wrong key
  • Derril : Hope every thing stayed good from know
  • Garry T : So far so good thanks Tony, time will tell
  • Tony Sat 16:05 : Hope they fixed your back, Garry!
  • Garry T : Glad to hear you guys have had a fantastic day at Yokine! See you Tuesday
  • Tony Sat 15:45 : Wasn't this a great flying day?! First day of spring with great thermals!
  • Tony Fri 16:10 : Yes, 10:30 looking good to me. Graham, set the alarm!
  • Dave : Bugger got a grand child’s birthday got to go to .. this months very busy with birthdays
  • fred adler : Saturday is looking good gliding day. Suggest 10.30am to set up field - flights by 11am?
  • Dave : Graham will order new wing next fortnight they are 39 dollars from hobbyking
  • fred adler : really windy today thursday
  • Bryan : See you tomorrow with the bar-b
  • Bryan : Nice to hear you got the plane back Dave.
  • Dave : 10-1030
  • Graham Wed : What starting time do you all think for tomorrow?
  • Dave : Graham apparently got a crack in the wing will find out tomorrow
  • Graham Wed. : Hope the glider is OK Dave & not too wet.
  • Dave : Well plane is out of the tree Matt from tree craft got it down for me will have it back tomorrow
  • Tony Wed 12:10 : Thursday will be a bit windy.
  • Garry T : Thanks Tony, I hope your health is ok. See you Thursday
  • Tony Tue 17:30 : Welcome back, Garry 🙂
  • Garry T : Returned from a very successful pylon champs to hear that there is unrest!
  • Graham : I agree.
  • Tony Tue 9:00 : Wind forecast and real wind are very different today. But let's stick with Thursday anyway.
  • Dave : Hi graham just been to have a look at the glider it is facing a different direction now it has one wing in a fork the left wing sitting on a branch
  • Dave : Thanks mate
  • Bryan : Tuesday looks bad so I’ll see you Thursday and I’ll bring along the bar-b to
  • Bryan : Dave the guys name was Matt Zadow from Treecraft
  • Dave : Bryan. I been told that you know of a person who has a cherry picker and he did a job once for a carton could you ask him again please
  • Dave : Hopefully graham thanks mate will see you Thursday
  • Graham Mon. : Your plane is still in the tree Dave....maybe the wind will blow it out!!
  • Dave : Susposed to be 35 mm and possibly storms tomorrow but fine Thursday and Saturday so I will be there Thursday and Saturday
  • Andrew : Hmmm . . . may have to get into flying wings! Wonder how they discus launch.
  • Tony Sun 10:00 : The September RC Soaring Digest is out now, see link below. Andrew: You might like to check out the Prandtl article. Also,\\
  • fred adler : 3 hours of gliders only in the air, light winds and lift galore
  • fred adler : If you missed flying on Saturday , kick yourself.
  • Dave : Yep sorry mate had a wedding to go to
  • Tony Sat 19:30 : Thanks Dave, same price as Aldi but known brand. We missed you today. Looked like spring was early!
  • Dave : Tony I heard you talking about the drop saw and you after the one that’s on the slider. I just got one a double mitre saw ozzito make for $149.00 at Bunnings if you’re interested
  • Dave : Graham hopefully no rain Saturday morning so will be there susposed to rain Tuesday so hopefully in the arvo
  • Dave : Hi tony take it easy .... if necessary join the pacemaker club you will feel a lot better it only about 2-3 days in hospital
  • Graham : Had a bad nite, may be a bit late.
  • fred adler : supposed to be dead calm by 11am on Saturday How about setting up the field about 10.30?
  • Graham Fri. : Ops. I meant 11AM.
  • Graham Fri. : May I suggest a 10AM start for tomorrow. (Sat.)
  • fred adler : sounds like another pacemaker in SMSWA circles. Thank god for lithium batteries for our models and pacemakers.
  • Dave : Get well tony
  • Derril 1640 : Tony pleased you are not to bad flying to day very good with take off and landing cross wind with no trouble so look after your self
  • Tony Thu 16:30 : Hope you had a good day flying (envy...)! FYI, I've progressed from atrial fibrillation to atrial flutter. That's progress I don't want. Will know more next Thursday.
  • Dave : No wind here
  • Dave : Another hour and a half to go yahoo
  • guest_8027 : See you in about a hour or so
  • Graham : All the best Tony...
  • Graham : see you all on Thurs @ 1000.
  • JERRY : Tony hope every thing is ok.
  • Andrew : Good luck Tony. Hope it's just a hiccough.
  • Bryan : Still work going on at the house so won’t make it Thursday. Maybe next Tuesday.
  • Tony Wed 16:45 : I have another doc app tomorrow morning. May have to go to hospital on Friday 🙁
  • Derril 16:20 : Flying time on thu 10 am or later
  • Tony Wed 9:30 : Looks like I'll be unable to come. Heart playing up. Hope to make it Thu
  • Bryan : The new kitchen is being fitted tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to make it, have a nice session.
  • Derril 16:10 : I am unable to make it tomorrow thus I’ll be ok I hope
  • Graham : Wed. Suites me.
  • Andrew : Happy to go with Wednesday
  • Tony Mon 12:30 : Wednesday looks better than Tuesday, rain and wind wise. Any preferences?
  • Simon Sat 10:30 : _Very_ windy down here in Rocko. I might visit on another weekend.
  • Graham Fri. : 1100 suits me.
  • Simon Fri 15:00 : Thanks Tony, unfortunately I don't have anything to fly yet. Also been a very long time since I've flown so I'd have a bit of stage fright. I was never any good anyway(self taught).See you tomorrow around midday. Thanks again!
  • Tony Fri 14:30 : Simon, if you have a suitable plane you can even fly as our guest.
  • Simon Fri 14:00 : Hi, is it okay for a newbie to come along and spectate?
  • Tony Fri 9:00 : Sat 11am sounds good.
  • fred adler : Saturday early will be cold. 11am start?
  • Bryan : Sorry for the late post, FVEE committee me3ting tonight. Bar-b tomorrow and if wet I’ll be under the shelter!
  • Graham : I'd like to give it a try. Maybe check in the morning.
  • Derril 18:25 : We will have to get a club tent
  • Tony Wed 18:00 : 40% chance of rain. Wind not bad. There is hope, but we now have no shelter any more.
  • Derril17:30 : Are we flying on thu.
  • Tony Wed 10:30 : Not so easy to shift days now on the western field. Wars fly Wed.
  • Andrew : I would rather tomorrow's weather : )
  • Graham Tues. : See you around 1000.
  • Derril : My name
  • Derrilk 8/21 : Are we flying to day or wed
  • Tony Tue 8:30 : I could be there at 10 today but we need to be at least 3.
  • Graham Mon : Are we go for Tues. 1030?
  • Bryan : Can’t make it tomorrow, hopefully see you Thursday.
  • Tony Mon 21:00 : Easy. Try not to talk all at once.
  • Tony Sun 13:00 : Yes, Derril, was a great day. We are not used to having great days any more.
  • Derril : What A great morning wind very even for all planes moter and gliders
  • Graham Fri : 1100 is fine by me.

Australian Hang Gliding Pioneers.

A bit of theory: Spin Recovery

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Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running an EDF
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