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Club day is Saturday. We aim to start at 9 am in summer but later in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please always check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 22.12.18. Battery deceleration test.
  • Club Day 22.12.18. Retrieval squad undoing John's work.
  • Boxing Day 2018. Derril's stunning shirt.
  • Boxing Day 2018. Jerry's troubled sandal.
  • 27.12.18. Propeller retrieving squad.
  • 27.12.18. Andrew was just coming for a chat.
  • Club Day 29.12.18. Coming for good company.
  • Club Day 29.12.18. Rare visitors.
  • Club Day 29.12.18. Gliding galore.
  • Club Day 29.12.18. The Condor Magic showing its size.
  • Club Day 29.12.18. Graham's plane kissed a tree.
  • 1.1.19. We had a good start.
  • 1.1.19. Who was this high up?
  • 1.1.19. 4 Pilots 2 marshals,
  • 1.1.19. We had a slow start.
  • 3.1.19. The year started windy, but the Cobra was still maidened.
  • 3.1.19. Twenty knots winds are OK with us, says John.
  • 3.1.19. Bob literally is the builder!
  • Club Day 5.1.19. Richard was keen to learn and keep all entertained.
  • 8.1.19. Inspection in progress.
  • 8.1.19. Wow!
  • 8.1.19. Good work.
  • 8.1.19. Jerry launching the mother of all Radians.
  • 8.1.19. Brent's neat paint job.
  • 10.1.19. A bit chilly!
  • 10.1.19. Do you see what I see?
  • 10.1.19. Now we even balance props on site.
  • Club Day 12.1.19. We all had a good time.
  • Club Day 12.1.19. What, no wind?
  • Club Day 12.1.19. Little damage, considered!
  • Club Day 12.1.19. Gremlins in Jim's plane?
  • Club Day 19.1.19. What a difference!
  • 15.1.19. Training in progress.
  • 15.1.19. Nice doggy.
  • 15.1.19. Jerry showing off his mid-air trophy.
  • Club Day 19.1.19. Briefing.
  • Club Day 19.1.19. Hot but not too hot.
  • Club Day 19.1.19. Slopy alive again.
  • Club Day 19.1.19. 8:30 was a good time.
  • Club Day 19.1.19. John's own runway.
  • 22.1.19. It turns out that a plane with reversed rudder and elevator can be flown inverted without any problems.

Latest Message: 1 hour, 56 minutes ago
  • John M. Thur 17:00 : Away for a week so see you all again in Feb.
  • Garry T : Flat land slope soaring with Graham and John! Was fun !
  • fred.adler : Warwick is available Friday.
  • Tony Wed 19:30 : Sorry, can't make it either. Doc appointment.
  • Bob g : Sorry boys can’t make it tomorrow. See you Sat.
  • Bryan : St. John is very busy Thursday so I’ll be driving about instead of flying. Have a nice day for those who brave the conditions.
  • Jerry : Fred.W ARS fly there friday helli and planes.
  • fred.adler : Thursday is looking windy, Friday AM is looking better.
  • Andrew : Fred!:\
  • Bryan : Well, I think we had better have a bar-b and a chat about this tomorrow.
  • Garry T : Just to keep you up to date Fred, all marshalls are external to the course as of 7 years ago. Certainly eliminates a bit of the risk
  • fred.adler : In pylon the marshals sit in cages (wire netting. Always suspected they really didnt offer much protection - not if they go through cars.
  • Tony Mon 11:30 : You see how important it is to have insurance.
  • John M. Mon 10.30 : Thanks Garry, a timely warning, flying is fun but it can go wrong in 3 short seconds.
  • Garry T : The insurance claim was handled by the MAAA secretary last night. Dont take our toys for granted!!
  • Garry T : Why we have insurance!....My son Stephen was competing in a pylon racing comp with his electric racer in Toowoomba Qld. over the weekend.In his second heat the elevator servo went to sleep which caused him to shut the motor down but, because of no pitch control, ended up in the competetors car park. Fortunately it didnt hit any person but at 350kph managed to embed itself through the front fender of a Mitsubishi hire car and ended up protruding through the front fender and into the engine bay! T
  • Garry T : Just returned from my exercise and a quick flight. Gonna be a hot one today,stay cool and safe!
  • Tony Sat 19:30 : John, 4.5kg on 6s, now you're pushing it 🙂
  • John M. Sat 14:15 : My post date was incorrect.
  • John M. Fri 19:30 : l knew l had seen a Fox glider somewhere, no not in my hanger but here.\
  • Bob g : Coming John but don’t breath
  • John M. Fri 19:30 : Forecast is for a hot Sat. so we are going for an 8:30 start in the morning. See you there.
  • Tony Fri 11:30 : I'm good and hope to catch up tomorrow.
  • Graham : Tony, are you OK?
  • Jerry : Tony missed you to day hope you are ok.
  • Garry T : Looking forward to that! See you in the morning
  • Bryan : Bar-b Thursday all, see you there.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it Tuesday, hope you have a good session.
  • Shane Sat 20:35 : Tough little model!! ??
  • Shane Sat 20:30 : Closer inspection of the apprentice shows just what a tough little morning del it is! There are black marks on the battery hatch and fuselage that can only have come from the front wheel. Appears the full impact was taken by the front wheel and it has applied enough leverage on the firewall to crumple the fuselage. Stripped the rudder servo which is also the front wheel steerer. Fuselage may not be repairable as there are cracks almost all the way around (has been repaired previously as well). T
  • Tony Sat 19:00 : Weren't we lucky that the wind forecast was very wrong today? Let's hope for the same on Tuesday!
  • Bob g : Guys thank you all for a great day, and all the help.see yous Saturday.
  • Bob g : Thanks thanks jerry b
  • Bob g : Gee than i Jerry you’re a good guy b
  • Bryan : Bar-b tomorrow. Might be windy but who cares
  • Jerryi : BOB i will bring your prop blades tomorow.
  • Garry T : See you there!
  • Tony Tue 7:30 : Thank God! Take your wind dodgers and come flying today. I'll be there 9:30.
  • Garry T : I’m here!
  • Tony Mon 21:00 : Is there anybody out there?
  • Tony Sat 14:00 : Not a bad first 2019 Club Day. Even though many members had other commitments.
  • Tony Thu 15:00 : Great effort by all to fly in this kind of wind, and even find lift!
  • Bryan : A bit windy tomorrow but we will see how it goes. bar-b time. See you there.
  • Garry T : Back from BrisVegas 6 hrs ago, see you at 9!
  • Bryan : I can’t make it Tuesday, water leak in the kitchen at home. Started 9pm new years eve!
  • John M. Mon 22;00 : OK 9;00 Tues 01 01 2019 it is. Happy New Year to all Yokine Flyers, lets have no more tree landings in 2019.
  • Tony Mon 21:30 : 9:00 Tue next year it is.
  • John M. Mon 20;00 : Flying commencing at 9;00 tomorrow? (Tues)
  • Garry T : Happy New Year everyone!
  • Dave. : Happy new year everyone
  • Jerry : One .
  • Jerry : A verry happy onenew year every
  • Tony Mon 16:00 : Happy new year all. May the new year be even better than the old one! John M. Scheiße is simply what you would say too in this case: Shit 🙂
  • Derril : Wishing all members a very happy new year and great flying in 2019
  • J Morrison Mon 15:30 : Hold in full back stick and full throttle right thru the whole sequence, love it.
  • J Morrison Mon 15:00 : This is my second favorite warbird take off stall.\ (Tony what does shizer mean in English)
  • fred.adler : Saturday 9am? to beat the sea breeze
  • Graham Fri. : Looking pretty good for Sat.:-O
  • Garry T : See you in the morning!
  • Bob g : Merry Xmas boys.Nearly finished re-constructing the for us tomorrow. Back on Saturday bob
  • Bryan : Bar-b, not Birthday! Great
  • Bryan : See you all tomorrow I’ll bring the bar-Birthday
  • Garry T : Bugger! Can’t make it this morning, looks like beautiful weather! Enjoy, see u tomorrow
  • Graham Tues. : I would suggest Wed. and Thurs. around 9am.
  • fred.adler : Wed is OK but early sea breeze after 11am. Thurs is slightly better
  • guest_9554 : Merry Xmas to all and Helen, thanks for your help thru out the year. Brent
  • Garry T : Merry Xmas everyone
  • Dave : Merry Christmas to you all and have a great day
  • Derril : I hope every one has a good day on 25 Wednesday is ok with me 9/ 9.30 what ever
  • Tony Mon 18:00 : Wishing you all a happy Christmas! Our plan was to fly on Wednesday instead of Xmas day.Is everyone happy with this? Not sure if WARS will be there as well. Does anyone know?
  • Jerry : Merry xmas to all that i have missed.Cheers.
  • Garry T : I’m up for it Johnny M! No wonder we felt a tad warm today!
  • J Morrison Sat 15:30 : Garry T is that a subtle request for a predawn field set up?
  • J Morrison Sat 15:30 : Graham here is that review of the Durafly Bonanza I referred to.\
  • Garry T : Tip ..... don’t buy a night Radian unless you are prepared to fly it at 0430 in the morning! Twas good though!
  • J Morrison Fri 20:00 : Maybe this will be a good morning for some impromptu glider comps. Good Phoenix 1600 weather, should be plenty of wave lift, bring your 1600s. Field will be ready for a 9:00 start, that means flying start, so get there in time to set up your model and say happy Xmas.
  • Tony Fri 19:05 : Yes, it's blowing a gale in the morning. And not much better later either. Not going to be much fun. We need someone to tell some good jokes instead, Derril?
  • Graham Fri. 1900 : Cooler earlier tomorrow, but more wind. Maybe stick with 0900 start.
  • Graham Wed. : Great day & turnout on Tues. Thursday not looking too bad.
  • J Morrison Mon 18:00 : Well here is how you use those old batteries in the Phoenix.... always stay upwind of the strip.
  • Tony Mon 17:00 : Kind of cool this Major Shul:\
  • Bryan : Brent see you tomorrow, I’ll bring the bar-b as well.
  • Andrew : Bob:\
  • Dave : I don’t like using old batteries .i like reliability
  • J Morrison Mon 8.40 : Hell I put any old battery in the Phoenix unless its its a windy day then you need a good one. They are gliders you know.
  • Andrew : Gee. I didn't think I was being subtle!
  • Dave : Cool will order a couple this week thanks tony
  • Tony Mon 8:10 : 3s45c is good. 70c would be OK for your 1kW hotliner!
  • Dave : So 45c is what am using for the Trojan so is that ok for the Phoenix or should I go up to about a 70c
  • Tony Mon 8:00 : Andrew's hidden message is: don't skimp on the C rating 🙂 You should have batteries to match as many of your planes as possible. It should go for your Trojan as well. Or, why not use the one from the Trojan? (if 3s)
  • Dave : Hi Andrew so what c rating should I get
  • Andrew : Dave: Theoretically, that battery should give you 2.2*20 = 44 Amps - far more than enough.Old batteries rapidly drop off in performance so I would halve that. Now we are down to 22 amps. Should still be enough. But I bet others will say not enough. It's the C rating that is a worry.
  • Dave : Tony what turnigy batt for Phoenix 2000 is 20 c 2200 ok
  • J Morrison Sat 20:30 : Spectacular arrival at Oshkosh, good example of of a hurried approach.\
  • Graham : 9am it is.
  • Tony Fri 16:30 : If feeling OK and no rain I'll be there around 9 tomorrow. Where is it again? 🙂
  • J Morrison Fri 13:30 : OK lets make it definite unless raining, 9:00 start?
  • Graham Fri. : Looking good for Sat. morning:-D
  • J Morrison Tues 21:1 : Graham this is the most spectacular RC stall on takeoff I have seen.\
  • J Morrison Tues 21:1 : Good flying at Yokine today, with some turbulent tuition via the buddy box cable.
  • Jerry : Glad it all went well Tony.
  • Derril : It is nice to hear it hard to keep a good man down tony
  • Garry T : That’s crays not frays!
  • Garry T : Here’s to a speedy recovery Tony! Enjoy the frays Bryan!
  • J Morrison Mon 21:15 : Well thats great news Tony, we were all thinking of you after Grahams post, see you flying soon.
  • Tony Mon 21:00 : Thanks, I survived again! This time it apparently worked. Need to recover tomorrow while you hopefully will have fun dodging the gusts 🙂
  • Bryan : cray pots to be pulled tomorrow. Hope to see you all but conditions will determine if I get there or not. Happy flying to all.
  • Bryan : Hoping all is good Tony. Cray pot
  • Derril : I hope every thing is ok now tony
  • Graham : Best wishes to Tony, hope your op. went well.?
  • J Morrison 8:30 : on the owners face, that should be.
  • J Morrison 8:30 : Here is a nicely detailed model, look at the expression of relief on the owners\ after the maiden.
  • Tony Sat 22:00 :\
  • J Morrison 18:30 : Pre flight check no.12 Make sure your receiver hasn't become dislodged, and the aerials are in the correct alignments.(brown out can occur otherwise) It happened to me today.
  • Bob g : Thanks graham, Helen and I are just now rushing round the house trying to find it Bob
  • Graham : If anyone left a thermos at Yokine on Sat. morning, I have it. Will bring on Tues.
  • Bob g : Sorry we could,not attend today boys. Helen had a sever vertigo attack, still not over. Sat if possible bob
  • Bryan : Sorry guys can’t make it happy flying
  • Dave : Won’t be there rain and too much wind here
  • Bryan : See you there tomorrow, bar-b will attend.
  • John M. Wed 21:00 :\
  • John M. Wed 21:00 : This is entertaining, these fellows cant understand why the new model wont fly.
  • Dave : I will be there tomorrow at about 9.45
  • Tony Tue 21:30 : We had an interesting flying day. Bob and Brent managed the conditions particularly well! Wind wise Thursday could be a carbon copy of Tuesday.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it today guys have a nice day at the field
  • John M. Mon 6:00 : Soaring over the ocean, I think it looks like an ASW28.\
  • Garry T : Magnificent video Tony,if we only had slopes like that close by here! Thanks for sharing
  • Tony Fri 17:30 : Your Video led me to this:\ . Interesting safety attitude with the close passes...
  • John M. Fri 16:15 : Up the creek without a propeller!\
  • Garry T : Fabulous day with fabulous people!
  • Dave : And batteries
  • Dave : Phoenix 2000 is now back together and now to get some more paint next week
  • Andrew : Here is proof that, according to NASA none of my solder joints are good enough. How are yours?\
  • Tony Wed 20:30 : Can't wait to meet tomorrows high winds!
  • Bryan : Can’t make it guys, pickup duty at the airport tomorrow.
  • Dave : The new Phoenix turned up today
  • John M. Wed 9:15 :\ I'm sure these RC flying tips will be of interest to most members.
  • John M. 7:00 : Seems like our club is in need of a good PR person. (field will be ready for 9:00 start)
  • Dave : Make it I will be there
  • Dave : Sorry Fred can’t make it
  • Bryan : Looking good for tomorrow. I’ll bring the bar-b, will have to get it done and put away before guests arrive I suppose.
  • fred adler : Tomorrow at 1.30pm on west Yokine we are meeting with City of Stirling. They are wanting to build us a rotunda or shade area - the trees cost nothing.WARS will be in attendance. At the end of the meeting we have a chance to show our anger at our removal from east. I need the clubs old and infirm to give them a blast over the state of the surface on west and the effect on the infirm amongst us.Be polite but firm and get stuck in to them - so its not just me being a bastard.
  • Derril : 9 am is ok with me
  • Tony Mon 16:00 : RC Soaring Digest December is out now. See you tomorrow @9. Forecast looking good.
  • Graham Fri. : About 9am I think Dave.
  • Dave : Is it 10 am tomorrow
  • John M. Fri 14:10 : Yeah that Sierra 200 looks great, if only we had larger club funds.
  • John M. Fri 14:10 : This soaring sequence is beautifully filmed takes my breath away.\
  • Tony Fri 13:00 : Looking closer into this 544kg plane it turns out quite an inspiration.\
  • John M. Thur 6.40 : Ah hell thought it was a model, with nice cockpit detail.
  • Garry T : See you at 9
  • Bryan : See you there about 9, I’ll bring the bar-b as well.
  • Tony Wed 20:00 : Don't know, Derril. Have to charge batteries for my kite now.
  • Derril : What time on thu
  • Derril : John m is it a short take off
  • Tony Wed 14:30 : MTOW only 544kg. And located in Yokine. Go for it, John!
  • Garry T : Don’t mention the weight John for goodness sake!!
  • John M. Wed 8:00 :\ I wonder if this one is the three kilos limit, looks like fun.
  • Bryan : I’ll bring the bar-b see you there.
  • Tony Mon 19:30 : Not to worry, Andrew 🙂 Rodd caught it right before it could hit the footpath.
  • Andrew : Not the Orion in the tree!
  • Tony Mon 17:30 : 9am sounds good.
  • Derril : Is start time on tus at 9 am
  • Dave : Will try to make it Tuesday my birthday party Monday
  • Derril : Rod do not forget fun cub on tus
  • Derril : 9am is ok with me
  • Graham Fri. : Are we on for 9AM start on Sat.(Less wind). Derril, the flexible CA sounds interesting!
  • Derril : Jhon m hobby king keep flexible ca Ihave order sum today
  • Garry T : ‘Twas a great day apart from my menacing back! The happiest of birthdays to Tony!
  • Tony Thu 17:00 : What a day we had! Our thanks go out to all the helpers who gave flying lessons and helped with tree fishing!
  • Bryan : Must finish painting, doors and final on the walls. Happy flying and I’ll see you all when I can.
  • Garry T : Peter Dales and myself will see you there!
  • Graham Wed. : Looks like a bit warm on Thurs. John M and myself will be ready to fly at 9am.
  • Bob g : Will be there.
  • Graham : 9AM sounds good.
  • Garry T : I’ll get there by 0900 to help you John
  • fred.adler : 9.30 or earlier on tuesday?
  • John M. Mon 19:00 : never bin slope soaring so far Garry, Ill have the field ready for a 9:00 start tomorrow.
  • Garry T : Bet you guys haven’t slope soared a German WW1 fighter!
  • John M. Mon 17:00 : OK what time?
  • Tony Mon 15:00 : Saves some weight, jettisoning the prop, dunit? Tomorrow we need to fly early or face the gales.
  • John M. Mon 10.20 :\ Have a look at these great aerobatics and dead stick landing.(start watching about halfway thru)
  • Garry T : We sure did Tony!
  • Tony Sat 13:00 : Guess we left a bit too early.

How’s that for tree fishing!

Watch Garry’s Night Radian doing its spooky thing!

December 2018 was the last issue. Have a look at the main page.
Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running an EDF
  11. Wipe off dog poop 
  12. Make sure your receiver hasn’t become dislodged, and the aerials are in the correct alignments.
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