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Club day is Saturday. We aim to start at 9 am in summer but later in winter, like 9:30 to 10 am. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us.  Always check the Message Board below for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 12.1.19. One for the album.
  • 15.1.19. Training in progress.
  • Club Day 1.6.19. The two Jerries.
  • Club Day 20.7.19. All members present today in one picture.
  • 30.7.19. Testing the balance of the B17.
  • Club Day 17.8.19. Flying was optional.
  • 20.8.19. Good to see Brent back, in one piece.
  • 22.8.19. Multi-skilled Graham.
  • 22.8.19. Sorry, Jerry 🙁 . It was a bit gusty.
  • 27.8.19. Anthony presenting his hangar.
  • 27.8.19. Jerry 2 has developed great repair skills. This plane is called 'Phoenix' for a reason. Think about it!
  • Club Day 31.8.19. Again, flying can be optional.
  • 5.9.19. The Opterra getting used to the dolly.
  • 5.9.19. The Tigers
  • 5.9.19. A truly cold morning.
  • Club Day 7.9.19. Thanks Rodd, for donating a new windsock!
  • Club Day 7.9.19. Jerry was flying again!
  • 10.9.19. There will be a second chance.
  • 10.9.19. The Camel is ready for the maiden.
  • 12.9.19. It's a 28!
  • 12.9.19. A maiden coming up.
  • 24.9.19. Having a good time, flying or not.
  • 26.9.19. Some Timber got maidened.
  • 26.9.19. The maiden is near!
  • 26.9.19. Got to get the CoG right next time!
  • 1.10.19. Back in the West.
  • 1.10.19. Andrew saved Jerry 2's crashed plane from the magpies.
  • 3.10.19. Not only the BBQ was an attraction today.
  • 3.10.19. Garry can't wait to race this beast!
  • 8.10.19. John is helping, not homeless.
  • 8.10.19.John and Steve fixing the 1600.
  • 8.10.19.Anthony and his maidened, scratch built P51.
  • 10.10.19. John W.'s ASW 28 has got the right setup now.

Latest Message: 54 minutes ago
  • Lex Mon 08.00 : I'll bring Cheapskate tomorrow to give the magpies something to chase 🙂
  • Lex Sun 14.30 : Magpies were particularly aggressive. Even a passerby was swooped. Steve got in a few flights.
  • fred.adler : Saturday AM was a little breezy but we did fly. Good company - no politics.
  • Bryan : John W. I have your tens machine.
  • Bryan : See you Thursday but I have to leave early so I’m afraid no bar-b.
  • Garry T : Another top day although a little windy. Great company and thanks to Bryan again for supplying lunch!
  • guest_7111 : Hi Toni thanks for the photo of Anthony's hanger. Graham W
  • John M. Mon 21.30 : Hi Dave, yes, see you about 8.30, it's summer now. Bring a windy model.
  • Bryan : It may be a bit windy but we can have a snag and see how it goes.
  • David : John m will you be there tomorrow
  • Lex Sun 19.45 : Also did some control line. The Adlers thought we were putting on a comedy routine. It will be back better than ever 🙂
  • Lex Sun 19.40 : Was a fun day at the school oval. Good weather conditions. Flew the Panther and Alex flew the Invader.
  • Tony Sat 9:00 : If anyone is going to fly today please pick up the keys from Graham's. Cheers
  • Tony Fri 9:00 : B17 crashed:\
  • Tony Fri 9:00 : Wow
  • fred.adler : alex turned 89. my maths says he can expect the letter from the king in 11 years.
  • Lex Thu 19.15 : Was fun playing with the magpies today. They will sleep well tonight 🙂
  • Bryan : Should be good tomorrow so see you there and I’ll bring the bar-b.
  • Lex Tue 19.35 : Thursday I'll bring Red Alert again to give the magpies a target 🙂
  • Bryan : It’s my sons fly in day tomorrow so I’ll be on taxi duties. Hopping for a good day Thursday.
  • Tony Mon 10:00 : Happy Birthday, Alex. Only 11 years to wait for the letter from the King 😉 (edit)
  • John M. Mon 8 :\
  • John M. Mon 8 : Here's a real one, wonder how lead he's carrying?
  • John M. Mon 8;00 : Here we go Gerry, should have sent you this befor the maiden, but wasnt sure it was a HK Camel, well it is, and looks like it will fly well eventually.\
  • JERRY : Thanks JOHN W GARY GRAEME for your help with the Camel,it looked great in the air.Verry little damage a new bottom left wing and work out c of g.Thanks.
  • Lex Thu 08.55 : Bringing the magpie attractor aka Cheapskate aka Red Alert.
  • John M. Thur 8;00 : Last day on the east side today, until next winter so bring down plenty of models.
  • Bryan : Still completing the Camaro front end rebuild. I was hoping to complete it today but didn’t make it so see you all hopefully next week.
  • Jerry2 : Unfortunately can’t make it tomorrow.
  • Bryan : Can’t make it Tuesday, hopefully Thursday.
  • Lex Sun 20.45 : Tuesday looks a good day for bungey glider. May need a little ballast or a machine for some wind 🙂
  • fred.adler : what a great morning. Friendly for a change. 88 year old Alex Cunningham wins a heat in the competition. Lots of gliders up at 1000ft or more. I hope not but you may have to get used to 400 ft. CASA will decide this by May next year.
  • Lex Sat 13.50 : And the answer to the question is John M and a Radian are too good a combination. Well done John!
  • Tony Fri 19:00 : A bit 🙂
  • Andrew : Is it childish if I say I like Cunard better?
  • John M. Fri 4;00 : That should be Canard glider

 Behold the humble flying wing:

If Yokine goes down the gurgler we can still fly 3 m warplanes, watch:


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Now this is a serious issue to work on:
Pre-Flight Check List (we might add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running on an EDF
  11. Wipe off dog poop 
  12. Make sure your receiver hasn’t become dislodged, and the aerials are in the correct alignments.
  13. Check who’s flying! Don’t take off if (fill in name here) is flying.
  14. When was the last time I’ve done a range check?
  15. Trees always win.

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