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Club day is Saturday, aiming for starting at 9:30am in summer, 10am  in winter. Other flying days are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless the weather is against us! Please check the Message Board for changes to our routine!
  • Club Day 3.2.18. Club talk.
  • Club Day 3.2.18. Where is your plane, Graham?
  • Club Day 3.2.18. Possible new member or tourist?
  • Club Day 3.2.18. The thumb is almost back to normal.
  • Club Day 3.2.18. This man needs no chair.
  • Away Day 4.2.18. Good attendance!
  • Away Day 4.2.18. Andrew was prepared.
  • Away Day 4.2.18. Lex maidened the Panther.
  • Away Day 4.2.18. Lex had battery problems.
  • Away Day 4.2.18. Inspecting the fender.
  • 6.2.18. Take-offs are a bit tricky once the elevator is reversed.
  • 6.2.18. This is not what it looks like.
  • 8.2.18. Radian XL needs a nose job.
  • 8.2.18. Bryan maidened his brand new Phoenix 2000.
  • 8.2.18. John W. has style.
  • 8.2.18. Jerry's day care.
  • 8.2.18. Back breaking work this is.
  • Club Day 10.2.18. Greg was back and airborne soon.
  • Club Day 10.2.18. Cake!
  • Club Day 10.2.18. Cake!!
  • Club Day 10.2.18. John has the usual well stocked hangar.
  • Club Day 10.2.18. Did we see a box with muffins amongst the planes?
  • Club Day 10.2.18. Great attendance again on a glorious day.
  • 13.2.18. Jim's Radian committed hara-kiri.
  • 13.2.18. What logo is on your shirt, Jerry?
  • 13.2.18. Wow, it's been there for some time.
  • 13.2.18. Radian XL coming in.
  • 13.2.18. Good times.
  • 15.2.18. Didn't get as hot as forecast. Another great day in Yokine.
  • 15.2.18. Behold, John M. actually sitting down.
  • 15.2.18. Jerry, keeping the kids entertained. All part of the service. Great club!
  • Club Day 17.2.18. Good attendance.
  • Club Day 17.2.18. Andrew beat us all to it for once!
  • Club Day 17.2.18. Guests galore today. We are popular!
  • Club Day 17.2.18. Sorry, Greg. There is some work to do.

Latest Message: 12 hours, 53 minutes ago
  • Garry T : The boys at KAMS say hi Bryan. Had a huge day on Saturday. See you tomorrow
  • Bryan : I’ll bring along the bar-b tomorrow, see you there
  • Bryan : Saturday I see the first RAC meeting at Barbagello Raceway and I’ll be there working so I hope everyone has a great days flying and I’ll catch you on Tuesday.
  • guest_4985 : Thank you Lex for the bungee info. I might come up on Saturday and have a look. Regards Neil.
  • Lex Thu 12:30 : Neil, if you are in Perth come and see us. The club has a suitable bungee. If not, Bunnings 6mm shockcord 40m plus nylon line 100m.
  • Tony Thu 7:30 : Gary, there is a source for a ASW 28:\ ,Hongkong, US$103+ shipping US$45
  • suburban : Hi gents - found this via an old post on RCG re ASW28 - it seems i just purchased the last one that can be found online - a friend is also chasing one - are there any models collecting dust that require a re-home ? thanks - Gary 🙂
  • guest_8362 : hi to all. just got myself a "Brolga 2" glider to build.what bungee launch rubber size would you recommend and where can i buy the bungee launch system. regards Neil
  • Bryan : Seeing it’s going to be hot I won’t be bringing the bar-b Thursday. A slushy machine would be better!! See you there for another great day.
  • Lex Wed 08:25 : Is Jim trying to thin out his hangar? 🙂
  • Shane : An interesting little test on glue types.\
  • Garry T : Another fabulous day at Yokine! The Radian XL flew well after the repairs...... good in lift but a slug under power. Might have to Tonyise the power train!
  • Tony Tue 16:00 : Jim, how's that for a dog?\
  • Tony Tue 15:00 : I second that, great day, and thanks for the catering! Sorry about Jim's mishap. The Radian has some nasty tricks up her sleeve.
  • Bryan : Great day a time the reserve. Great conditions, you missed a Nice one Fred. Looking forward to Thursday!
  • John M. Tues 9.05am : So are we flying today?
  • Garry T : KAMS glider rally was tops.see you all tomorrow!
  • fred adler : Wednesday and Thursday wind may be better than Tuesday
  • Bryan : I had a very pleasant day at KAMS Sunday. Lovely facility, warmly welcomed and a great day for it. There were some wonderful gliders there, as one might expect. I even had a fly of one. Quite different to our foamies. Bar- b on tomorrow and I’ll bore you all with the details. See you there.
  • Tony Sun 16:15 : Hi Loc Vinh, come on any Saturday morning around 10am to Yokine Reserve, carpark Dryden street, and talk to us. We are happy to help!
  • Locvinh : I'd like to become a member Yokine club to fly at there. May you help me.
  • Tony Sun 8:30 : Congratulations to you and Ashleigh! You are excused 🙂
  • Andrew : May I present to you: Ashleigh Marie Jackson: BSc (with distinction) Environmental Biology, BSc Applied Geology, Winner of the Ian Abercrombie Award for the most outstanding graduate with a BSc. (slightly proud and that's why I wasn't there on Saturday : )
  • Tony Sat 16:00 : Was a great day today, again. Thanks for the cake, Graham! We missed a few members, sorry you couldn't make it 🙁
  • Graham : Cakes today.
  • Bryan : See you Saturday, but no bar-d, might be a quick sesion.
  • Andrew : For those of you with inferior radios:\
  • Bryan : Doesn’t look too bad Thursday so see you al there and I’ll take the bar- b as well, ok Graham, not too much breaky!!
  • Lex Tues 19:50 : Awww Tony. Why did you reverse the elevator??
  • Tony Tue 8:00 : Failed. That's what happens when the pilot lacks warbird experience:) You would easily pass the test 😀
  • John M. Tues 7.45am : incident happens about 3min in on that link.
  • John M. Tues 7.45am : Warbirds can be difficult to take off. (even full size) To assist in taxiing a person would often sit on the tail, its been recorded that a spit has taken off done a circuit landed again with the helper still on the tail. This has happened with a seafire as well.\
  • Jerry : I will be there.
  • Garry T : Ha ha, I’m doing the same Bryan but at 0900! I’ll see you all on Thursday . Enjoy tomorrow boys!
  • Bryan : I have to go to the airport Tuesday at 10:00 so I’ll have to wait till Thursday for my fix. Have a nice day tomorrow for those who attend.
  • Tony Mon 13:00 : Good stuff, Andrew! We wind lovers will fly tomorrow instead.... 😀
  • Andrew : Had a fantastic 90 minutes at Yokine Monday morning. Dead still air. No intruders. Perfect DLG weather. Finally flattened a battery!
  • Graham Mon. 1130 : See you all Tues. 😀
  • graham,. : test
  • Bryan : Sorry can’t make Sunday, have friends from overseas to catchup with, see you all Tuesday
  • Jerry : I looking foward to not so windy day tomorow.
  • Bryan : Looking forward to flying tomorrow, bar-b will be on so see you there.
  • Shane : Me too. See you tomorrow.
  • jerry : I will be there tomorrow.
  • Brent : Many thanks Graham !
  • Graham Wed.1300 : BRENT.. Your new Phoenix has arrived. Will bring it to the field on Thurs. but don't make a special trip.
  • Bryan : Graham, I just saw the big bash semi final Thursday will be shown on channel one, the match is being streamed live. The match starts 4:40 local.
  • Bryan : Nice video there John, we must try that someday
  • Graham : The Yak can handle it.
  • John M. mon 6.45am : ASW\
  • John M. mon 6.15am : Sounds like ASW 28 weather to me.Just adjust the CG accordingly.
  • Jerry : Looking forward to tuesday.
  • Bryan : Excalibur, Phoenix 1600 love kite weather, not a problem Fred. If members are going alone we could have a bar-b and a chat if not a lot of flying.
  • fred adler : I know weather forecasts can change. However the easterlies forecast this week are really awful. Anyone got any kites?

How it’s done:

-Champion Slip-

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Dynamic Soaring to the limits:

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Pre-Flight Check List (we’ll add your suggestions):

  1.  Correct model selected (if no auto model match)
  2. Throttle-Cut switch set to off
  3. All control surfaces moving with the right throw and direction
  4. Hinges not frayed or damaged
  5. Clevises and rods in good condition, secured and moving freely
  6. Transmitter mode switches in correct position
  7. Battery charged and secured (so that it doesn’t wrap around a branch when you land in a tree!)
  8. Transmitter battery charged
  9. Check if motor and prop are still attached to fuselage
  10. Make sure it’s not running on an EDF
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