Who We Are

About the Soaring Model Society of WA Inc.

The Soaring Model Society of WA is an incorporated model aeronautical club based on Yokine Reserve in Perth, Western Australia. Our object is to practice and promote the building and flying of model aircraft. If you want to please the elders,  you should also have a soaring  model.

There was a time when we started with a box of sticks and it took many weeks of hard work to convert them into a model plane. That’s become the exception now. Much of the building happens in China these days. Also, foam and carbon fibre is slowly killing balsa wood. Even Corflute makes good planes that fly! And electric motors have almost totally replaced bungee and winch as means of getting the glider in the air. The exception:  hand launch (DLG) gliders, which are very much in fashion.


A blast from the past. The people in this picture must be in their 90s by now!  

Quite often  the weather conditions are not very favourable for soaring. So you will find us flying just about any electric fixed wing aircraft that weighs less than 3kg and runs on not more than 4 LiPo cells (battery voltage 14.8V max). In fact, some of us are not even too fixated on flying gliders, but simply enjoy flying model planes amongst a great bunch of people aged between 20 and 80.

Flying Times

Yokine Reserve is available for club members seven days a week. Our club day is Saturday. For gliders, winter afternoons offer better opportunities to find thermals. In summer,  mornings are better, before the sea breeze comes in.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership of the Soaring Model Society of WA are many. This hobby is a complex mixture of flying skills and technical knowledge.

Get that? 🙂

Every one of us contributes special skills, experience and knowledge to our club. You may be an experienced model plane pilot and be a great addition! If you are a beginner, unless you want to acquire those skills the hard way on the internet and be a lone hero, there is no excuse for not joining a club! With us you’ll learn how to build and maintain, and where to buy model planes and equipment. And how to fly. And I mean flying safely.  As a beginner, you’ll  avoid many inevitable crashes and the cost and frustration that follows.


The only way to never crash is to never fly though. Public liability insurance and council fees are included in the membership fee (as of 2017/18 ~ $100/year , which includes $45 for insurance through AMAS membersip and ~$45 council fees). This not only good for peace of mind, but also compulsory due to council regulations.

Not being a club member = not flying on Yokine Reserve.